My wild, 3-day, solo, fasting, Vision Quest

In late November 2017 I undertook a Vision Quest under the protection of Clare Dunn, author of 'My year without matches'.

The experience was a seven day event held in an expanse of remnant Banksia forest near Sale, Victoria, the focal point being a three-day solo fast. The solo phase was bracketed with preparatory and re-integration phases that included information sessions, communal sharing, storytelling and ceremony.

There were many layers to the event, much of which cannot be fully expressed in words or photos, but this blog is about some of the experience that can be told through a photo essay. 

Firstly, here is a gallery of imagery I took immediately after we had all come down from our sites. They are not described just yet - and just glimpses of only the physical - but I'm sure they will help my VQ brothers and sisters remember.

There is an infinity of things I could say about my quest, but simply - I have returned not the same person.

I was asked if I would re-share a piece of poetry that came to me on the first day:

I am King Galah
Insect Keeper
I wish you were with me father
For I have given stone
And story
To be here

The centipede
Clears my quest
Eyes cupped red spider
Luminous stars
Blue eye streaming
In my minds eye

This is just a glimpse.