Using Processing and Arduino for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2013

The Gertude Street Projection Festival 2013 is on between Friday 19th and 28th July 6pm - Midnight. It includes an installation at Rose Chong Costumes (disclaimer: family business) in which I used Ben Fry's Processing to project various fabric patterns onto clothes hanging out in the street, and a Freeduino to synchronise the lighting of corresponding buckets of fabric.

The projection uses an Apple Mac Mini running the visual art programming language Processing 2.0.0.

The display randomly selects from a pool of six JPG files that are scans of fabrics from the costume shop. The scans are significantly larger than the resolution of the projector, and are animated using an algorithm that slowly moves the image in a random direction until it hits the boundary of the file, then begins moving it randomly in another direction. It does this for a fixed period of time, then loops through with another unique image.

The fabric design imagery is projected against cutouts of garments suspended in a tree outside the shop window.

When the image changes it drives a custom Arduino-based lighting rig that illuminates a bucket of the corresponding fabric located in the front of the display.

The Arduino board is the Australian-made Freeduino (purchased from Jaycar), and some big white LED's, with plug-in leads and encased in a box.

There is more to the display than described, but the full description, code and photos will have to wait until the festival is launched.