Rose Chong Costumes

Implementing an SMS message wall for The 2012 Gertrude Street Projection Festival

For the 2012 Gertrude Street Projection Festival I implemented an interactive SMS message wall. A cardboard tableau of a woman bathing in a bubble bath with a comic-style voice bubble provided the projection surface.

Rose Chong texting the first SMS to the Rose Chong Costumes message wall.


Festival goers texting their SMS messages to the Rose Chong Costumes message wall.

Solution implementation consisted of a low-end PC running Microsoft Windows 7, a UPS, a Telstra 3G USB modem, the iWall software and a projector plugged into a graphics card.

Messages logs in CSV text format were generated daily.

At the end of the festival the word cloud was visualized using the website and rendered as a PDF - RCC_ProjFest2012_Wordle.

To achieve this the individual csv files were concatenated using a DOS command and cleansed using Excel 2010.

Cleansing was required to:

  • Remove duplicates
  • Remove surnames
  • Remove phone numbers
  • Remove system messages

A hard copy of the PDF was printed on A3 at OfficeWorks and framed for Rose.