My takeaway's from the YOW Conference

Late last year I attended the YOW software developers conference here in Melbourne.

My takeaways include:

* AI 2.0 - Using principles of the brain to computationally detect anomalies. and

* the movement to stream vs batch processing (exemplified by real-time music programming and algoraves, but things like StreamInsight)

* the rise of JavaScript (Linux and Amiga OS emulation in JavaScript within a browser) and functional programming

* Polyglot data storage (Graph databases, MongoDB) 

* Visualisation

* Natural interfaces

* Agile coaching

* Mobile

What I laughed the most at were many precious moments in Scott Hanselman's keynote.

Unfortunately, I still don't know what problem Lambda's are meant to solve.

Thank you Dave Thomas (no relation) for bringing us YOW yet again.